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In a not so distant future- a coalition of the old earth’s nations have sought and claimed the discovery of a new planet “Gaia” as the human race’s last hope for survival. However, when the human settlements rolled in, what awaited them was neither discovery nor pioneering but colonization and war against the planet’s original inhabitants. With an increasingly militaristic government that demands the settlers’ sacrifice for the good of all, one family is torn apart when the eldest daughter, Ara, questions who the real bad guys are. At a time where mass think seems to be the safest option, Ripple Effect asks us if we’re brave enough to go against the grain, and at what cost?

“Ripple Effect” by Hannah Bang and Margo E. Sawaya

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“Ripple Effect” Credits:
Directed by Hannah Bang and Margo E Sawaya
Written by Hannah Bang, Margo E Sawaya, and Sabina Vajraca

Producers – Jamie McNeill, Brendan Bennett, Damon Laguna
Executive Producer – Erik Weaver
Executive Producer & Director of Virtual Production – Kathryn Brillhart
Executive Producer & Head of Production Technologies and Post – Greg Ciaccio

Ivy – Megan Skiendiel
Ara – Isabelle Boyer
Rafi – Michael Cortez
Nari – Christine Liao
Pip – Kerry Wieder
Gary – Giacomo Rocchini
The Voice of the Union – Margo E Sawaya

Unit Production Manager – Edie Meadows
First Assistant Director – Catherine Deptuch

Associate Producer – Janice Wu
Admin Assistant – Nhan Le

Production Designer – Ursula Bowling
Environmental Design & Consultation – Rachel Joy Victor
Art Director / Propsmaster – Kat Wells
Construction – Mona Johnson, Franciso Covarubbias, Steele Stewart, TJ Ryan
Set Painters – Elias Ginsberg, Izzy Rael, Tiffany Lin

Director of Photography – David Brillhart
Virtual Cinematographer – Emre Okten
A-Cam Operator – Emil Chang
Camera First Assistant – Nick Lane
Camera Second Assistant – Kathryn Boyd-Batstone
Steadicam Op – Brain Sergott

Gaffer – John Du
Key Grip – Jiaxing Huang
Swing – John Laverman, Eddie Organista, Charlie Blake, Elias Ginsberg

Key Digital Imaging Technician – Dane Brehm
Digital Imaging Technician Loader – Zach Marchinsky
Loader – Chris Honey

Costume Designer – LaRae Wilson
Special Makeup Effects Artist – Heather Albert
Production Sound Mixer – Alex Bologna
Script Supervisor – Tiffany Lin
Safety Compliance Officer – Catherine Shin

Casting Directors – Miriam Hoffman, Candice Bernstein
Studio Teacher – Albert Carroll

Shatterproof Films LLC – Brian Frager
Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc. – Ellie Mendoza

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