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As yet another superstorm bears down on a desperate, weary city in the year 2040, a young woman seeks to redeem her winning sweepstakes ticket for a better life in a low Earth orbit paradise.

Here Comes Frieda by Robin Takao D’Oench

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More about “Here Comes Frieda”

It’s 2040, a foreseeable future where so much has advanced and yet so many are left behind. Hurricanes of monstrous proportion are all too commonplace in this day and age, and the next to bear down on a desperate, weary city is Superstorm Frieda. As landfall approaches, millions of citizens in its path scramble to play the lottery where one lucky winner gets free passage to a low Earth orbiter aptly named Upper Paradise. Against astronomical odds, Lilly Lamont, a young and fiercely independent blind woman living in a decrepit tenement, finds herself in possession of the winning ticket. As she prepares to escape to Upper Paradise’s richer, greener pastures, she discovers a cruel and sinister operation in the shadows. Nothing is at it seems, and yet people are willing to kill each other for it. With moments to spare, she must decide whether to accept a bleak future or take control of her own destiny.

“Here Comes Frieda” Credits
Lilly – Ellie Wallwork
Yvonne – Sarita Choudhury
Russ – Charlie Romanelli

Director of Photography: Dominick Sivilli
Production Designer: Kimberly Matela
Editor: Victor Gallo
Music: John Nye
Sound Design: Roman Chimienti
VFX: Celeste Leizar
Colorist: Alan Louis Gordon

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