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Esko, an engineer tired of his cheating wife’s nagging, decides to disappear for good.

“I Need My Space” by Jesse Pohjonen

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More About “I Need My Space”:
An ex-engineer on a sick leave has to endure Tarja’s, his hideous and tyrannous wife’s, daily despising comments. Esko has decided to run as far away as he can so he decides to build himself a spaceship and his only goal is to escape his dull life and horrible wife for good. A missing bolt forces Esko to visit a hardware store, and obviously, Tarja has to come along. In the store, a red vacuuming robot bumps into Esko’s feet from which he makes a fine companion for his trip. A week after, Esko has finished his project and it is time for departure. Esko fires the rocket, interrupting his wife’s and the neighbour’s intimate moment. Esko does not look back; his dream is finally coming true. Space’s euphoric peace and loneliness are finally real. Esko manages to get to space, but the peace will not last for long.

“I Need My Space” Credits:
Esko – Jorma Karlstedt
Tarja – Mona Kortelampi
Sepi – Mait Lepik

Director – Jesse Pohjonen
Producer – Jesse Pohjonen
Screenwriter -Jesse Pohjonen & Ari Virem
Director of Photography – Ari Virem
Production Designer – Essi Nisonen
Editor – Roni Tattari
Costume Designer – Juuli Linneo
Makeup Designer – Eeva Kuronen
1st Assistant Director – Aino Niemi
Production Coordinator – Aino Suvanto
1st Camera Assistant – Aaro Visala
Gaffer – Janne Laiho
Key Grip – Arttu Korpela
Lighting Technicians – Santeri Siirtonen & Arttu Korpela
Location Sound Recordist – Tomas Ihonen
Boom Operator – Juhana Vihervaara
Sound Designers – Viktor Gullichsen & Elisa Härmä
Dialog Editor – Vivian Reapalu
ADR Recording – Vivian Reapalu
FX Editors – Viktor Gullichsen, Elisa Härmä, Juhana Vihervaara, Tomas Ihonen
Foley Recordist – Tomas Ihonen
Foley Artists – Juhana Vihervaara, Aapo Sandberg, & Haruna Nakada
Supervising Sound Editor – Viktor Gullichsen
Music Supervisor – Elisa Härmä
Re-recording Mixers – Viktor Gullichsen & Elisa Härmä
Music Production – Viktor Gullichsen, Elisa Härmä, & Emilia Heinonen
Script Supervisor – Ida Ruuhijärvi
Assistant Production Designer – Henry Pajanen
Visual Effects Producer – Ari Virem
Visual Effects Supervisor – Ryan J. Thompson
Visual Effects Artist – Ville Koivuranta
3D Artist – Mohammod Sanaullah
Rotoscope Artist – Dani Indra
Previs Artist – Ari Virem
Visual Effects Consultant – Christoph Schmidt
Colorist – Ari Virem
Storyboard Artist – Ida Ruuhijärvi
Social Media Supervisor – Essi Nisonen
Still Photographer – Pietari Purovaara
Making-of – Andrei Lembinen
Poster – Essi Nisonen
Runner – Miika Sjöblom
Casting by BBG Casting – Aino Niemi & Lida Moeini

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